Hong Bai He Translations

Su Nuo, go! You get more of her off-screen development explained here.

Author’s note translated at the end again as well as any of my thoughts/reactions after that.

I have added Patreon to the site if anyone is interested.

Thank you all for your very kind comments and support! I’m having a lot of fun reading and translating this book. I am churning out chapters much faster than I thought. Maybe this author is writing in a way that’s easier to read? I feel like if I were translating a palace drama book or whatever, I would be taking forever. I also don’t like splitting up chapters and these chapters don’t seem that long so far. As a reader, I dislike it since I would want to read the chapter in its entirety!

Anyway, at this rate, I will need to look for another story to translate!

Enjoy the chapter.

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Hong Bai He Translations

Thank you to everyone for your generosity!

Puhahah, this chapter is so funny!! That’s all that I will say for now.

I apologize if it was misleading that I am the author of this enjoyable novel. I am not, only a reader doing a fan translation! Author’s Note at the bottom and rather short this time compared to the last one.

Thanks everyone for your support!

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Author’s Note:

Su Nuo: What do men count as, it’s gaming that is really fun.

#E-sports doesn’t need love

The plot in-game is very very little, won’t affect the reading.
My archived copy is really gone, you guys also are mature readers, should learn how to code yourself!

(TL: I think something about her novel in a certain format, like text or whatever?)

Still 100 red pockets.
See you…

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Hong Bai He Translations

New release for Sweet Finale to a Lifetime of Quick Transmigrations. Whew! What a mouthful! I’m still working out how to schedule releases as I am still seeing how everything fits in my life. It’s the weekend now so I had some time to translate another chapter. I was also eager to read further into the story.

This chapter really makes me like this heroine! Su Nuo really showcases another flash of brilliance for her protagonist halo! All the novel summaries always talk about a strong female protagonist but many times, the main lead comes across a bit bratty and rude or very stuck up and passive. I trusted Fuyuneko’s recommendation and the description interested me a lot. I was happy to read Fuyuneko Group’s translation but then I found out it was only a teaser… Hence, I decided to translate it! I have more to say after the chapter…

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Meow Meow Meow Chapter 141


Chapter 141 – Virtuous And Leisurely 

“How can you have so much money?” Xiang Qing appeared a little embarrassed.

How would I know how much money I have? I immediately turned my head and gave Yin Zi a glance. Yin Zi whispered with dissatisfaction, “Who do you think you’re glaring at? This is all my private savings!”

“Your words don’t make any sense,” I quickly drew up an argument, “Normally when Xiao Mao accompanies you to earn money by beating monsters, and when you receive yearly tributes from local demons, shouldn’t I also have a fair share? Why is it that all the money goes to you?”

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Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Side Story 2 (Part 2)


And this is the last part of the entire novel!!! I have found another novel to translate and would start soon after this post is released. At the same time, the unedited chapters would also be looked through… Will update when there are changes. 😀

Side Story 2: Taking A Look – Luo Gao Couple (Part 2)

Upon returning to the residence, Madam Ma asked Luo Tan, “Tan-er, what do you think of this Young Master He?”

Luo Tan said, “Not bad. He is very qualified to be friends.”

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The Last Boss Witch Will Keep Her Past Self’s Crush Until Her Dying Day – Chapter 27

Do Machines Dream of Better Translations?

I and Will were invited to the Aspinel mansion. It seemed like they wanted to talk about the matter of the new type of Mana fever being confirmed.
Sanigue had an unusually grim expression.

“According to the information from the territory of Mariala,1 the new Mana Fever is difficult to treat with traditional medicine and there are big differences in symptoms between patients. Some people feel agonizing feel through their whole body and can’t even fall asleep. One week after the onset of symptoms is the deciding point whether or not the infected will live.”

Mana Fever is a disease that messes up the internal flow of magical powers. Normally, you would feel sluggish as if catching cold and get laid up, but the new type seems to also be accompanied by pain. I wouldn’t want to catch it.

“Anyway, there are a lot of strange points. I’m also…

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